{5 things}

I watched this video months ago. Since then I have spent a lot of time figuring out what my 5 most important things are and different ways to pursue those things.  Maybe this changes as life changes for people, but for now, I have my list.


{life letters}

gramps bday

Dear Life, lately you have taken me away from blogging and into plenty of other things.  Sometimes the break is nice.  Dear Jillian Michaels, you are kind of annoying to listen to, but you have a promising guarantee.  Dear Grandma, thanks for asking about my blog and giving me the extra push to start updating again.  Dear Denver & Kathleen, remember me?  Whenever I think about my trip there in the Fall, this phrase goes through my head, “that was SUCH a great trip.”  I also still play the “[insert vehicle name] or minivan:?” game in my head while driving.  Dear Winter, sometimes I’m not ready for you.  This year I am.  Bring on the white stuff, cozy sweaters, hot coffee and boots. Dear Lists, I love making you.  Current lists going: hobbies to pursue next summer, things to do before the new year, and Christmas gifts.  Dear Readers, what have you been up to lately?