{dear marie} an open letter

IMG_3347Dear Marie, remember this?  Gosh, it was over 3 years ago and in lands far, far away from where we are right now.  Thank you for a) calling even when I don’t answer or call back; b)  being part of the reason I wanted to start blogging again; c) being such an encouragement to “get it girl” and run; or d) all of the above.

Want to meet back in Seattle and hang out?
xo, bec


2 thoughts on “{dear marie} an open letter

  1. BECCAAAAAA!!!!! What a pleasant surprise as I am sitting in class and NOT paying attention. Lol. So glad you started blogging again. Pick D pick D! And YES I remember this day well! I just commented on their “first dance” picture on fb and was thinking, wow, this feels like yesterday, and they already have 2 kids!! God is good! We need a phone chat soon. SO MUCH to fill you in on. Love you to the moon and back!!! Keep posting! :)

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