{so blessed} lake edition

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not…”

a weekend unplugged
catching & eating fresh fish
grandparents sharing stories
red neck jokes with the sis
bird watching, beaver looking, & squirrel shooting
food on the grill & cheap beer

This weekend I spent 4 days with my brother, sister, grandma and grandpa in the sticks.  There was no cell phone reception or internet for days.  Grandma and grandpa are the best cooks.  The fish were biting all weekend.  We played bananagrams, ate ice cream, went to bed early and woke up early.  The older I get the more “the lakes” is like a place in a fairy tale: I remember every crook in the road to get there, what kind of trees mark how much further until the cabin, can picture each weed bed and house along the creek.  Life moves slow there and all we have are story sharing, silence, and the great outdoors.  I always leave feeling much more myself, having learned something new and filled with memories to hold on to.


I hope your Memorial Days were filled with good food, good friends & family,
and now good memories!


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