A Severe Mercy…

If you haven’t read A Severe Mercy, you should shut down your computer, find the book, and spend a day consumed in this love story.  It’s one of my absolute favorite books, if not my favorite…It’s a love story and conversion story intertwined…It has England and Oxford, Lewis, boats, the country, and real life.  The following is a link to a youtube video I found today on the film they are hoping to make.  It’s meant to whet your appetite and makes me want to reread the book in all it’s glory.

A Severe Mercy



One thought on “A Severe Mercy…

  1. I love love love this book! I remember you and Brianna both talking about it and knew I finally had to check it out. I’m so glad I did! This was one I just couldn’t put down. Hey, this could make a beautiful Christmas gift for someone! =) I should keep it in mind.

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