7 Quick Takes

Straight from the sleep-conscious Bec to your computer screen, in countdown fashion.
7.  I found this article yesterday through a cool new sight that a friend of mine is writing for: Life is not a fairy tale.  It pretty much sums up my take on fairy tales, thereby justifying my love for Once Upon A Time.  Anyone out there following this season!? Did you know the creators are the same creators of Lost?
6.  New on the blog roll as of this week: Dusty Window Panes.
5.  Speaking of great blogs, here’s another: Becoming Midwestern. This one explains me in full.  I remember going to college freshmen year and being asked in a class room full of kids, “How many of you have registered to vote?” ‘Say what? Register to vote, no, I haven’t done that,’ I thought.  Ohhh, North Dakota.
4.  24 Lists Being Checked Off left and right here folks…last weekend I finished the Grapes of Wrath and moved (happily) along to Crime & Punishment (I am currently at the part after the crime and before the punishment, which I believe is a bulk of the book).
3…Another thing on the 24 List, mastering the croissant.  Endeavors into that territory will be journeyed this weekend with the perfect master for my guide: Julia Child.  I’ll be using the three part youtube series.
2.  Other plans for the weekend include: cleaning up a bit, writing some old fashioned snail mail, having coffee with an old friend, and enjoy my much needed down time!  This also includes seeing this movie, for which I have saved my number 1 quick takes:


I actually plan to go alone and ball like a baby.
I think the perfect plan for a Russian story.

What are your weekend plans?! Make sure to check out some of Jen’s quick takes!



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