Happy 7QT Friday!

1.  I have basically been dr-dr-draggging since last weekend–I just can’t get my act together this week, in case anybloggy out there cares!  And if anybody wants some wine with my whine, let me know…my pre-run diet from alcohol has come to a halt since the run.
2.  Speaking of quick takes, I bought quicken this week with a small portion of Oct 1’s paycheck.  Goal: stabilize on the finance end and find (and post) all the deals of living well and creatively with a budget. …
3.  Which brings me to take 3: last month my mom and dad put my name in a calendar drawing and yours truly own $100 big buckaroos.  What’s she gonna do with that money? Put it towards her credit card? No.  Use it for groceries and bills? No.  Mom’s note explicitly said, “Have fun with this!” SO I bought a ticket.  A plane ticket.  To visit bffl Sam over in DC.  Cost of flight: $97.50.  Profit for me: $2.50.  Boom baby.  DC, here I come, November 1-4.
4.  More deals on wheels…while speaking to someone at work and taking interest in her personal life (something I tend to do with people…more than I should), I found she worked at a sewing store of some sorts and inquired about cheap sewing machines.  Next thing I know she’s offering me a freeeee sewing machine…from the 19…who knows when 60s?!…that is a Singer.  In working condition.  Comes in a wooden traveling case.  Andddd has a love note included in it from Hubby Lou to his wife “Happy Anniversary.”  I think that’s another boom baby.
5.  After work on Friday I plan to recluse into 24 hours of incommunicato with people outside of my apartment…why…because I’m tired.  And I want to finish season 1 of Once Upon A Time.  And write…and read…and try sewing without breaking the singer..
7.  Yes, I skipped 6 on purpose because I have nothing else quick to say.  More posts to come.  Have a great Friday!  What are your weekend plans?!

Thanks for hosting Jen and congrats on the pregnancy!!


7 thoughts on “7QTF

  1. Not that I feel like a total creep now commenting on two different posts in like 5 minutes but OMG you’re a Viking’s fan?!? I didn’t think those existed. Well I saw pictures on another post. Maybe I’m wrong.
    Feel free to ignore my weird-ness if you want :)
    I hope you have fun on your trip to DC!

    • Yes, love the vikings!! they’re not doing too bad this year (yet). I’ve been checking out your blog and it looks awesome! So fun to make blogging friends!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up! Woohoo for a free plane ticket! I can think of oh-so-many fabulous things you could do with $2.50. And a free sewing machine with a love note, saw-eet! Sounds like the basis for a good Notebook-esque novel:) I had a similar type of friend who used to work as a seamstress and found me a vintage (1952) singer. I took it to the shop, had it all cleaned up and in working order, and started sewing like a madwoman until…the motor broke a month later. Oh, well, maybe one of these days!

    Have fun in D.C.!

    • Thanks for stopping over–I just checked out your blog too, nice! I definitely can relate to the “continually aspiring” writer feeling! It does sound like a good basis for a story… And I can’t wait to try out the sewing machine this weekend–that’s my fear, that it’ll break too soon!

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