5 things…

1.  I am copying Maggie.
2.  I finished the half marathon (2 hours and 12 minutes!).  I then proceeded to roam the city, wearing my medal, saying “finisher” to whoever held eye contact long enough.  …. just kidding! (but really?!…haha).  I finished. and I’m happy.  And I’ve basically been singing I’m a survivor since.
3.  If you haven’t checked out mumf&sons yet, DO!  And when you get done with them, check out the Avett Brothers.
4.  Happy (feels-like-it-should-be-Thursday) Tuesday!
5.  This weekend I got together with Molly from Creativity Blueprint.  Among our topics of discussion were blogging and the blog world.  It was a great discussion.  Check out here blog (and note the header–especially the French flying flag on the left!) and be ready for some more changes around here.




4 thoughts on “5 things…

  1. I found you from Ashlie’s blog. And I just ran a half on Saturday! And I”m still sore. Are you?
    Can’t wait to

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