7 Quick Takes!

Joining Jen again this week…

1.  If you haven’t checked out Mumford and Sons new CD yet stop living in the past and get on it!  It’s awesome.

2.  In 24 hours I will be getting ready to run… 13.1 miles! Last night I watched a preview of the course where the drive goes along the whole route with his camera and puts it in semi fast forward.  As I opened the video I thought “dang, 10 minutes to watch this…waste of time…” and then I thought “infinitely shorter than what I’ll be running it at…let’s watch it!”

3.  If you want something else to check out besides Mumford and Sons new album, you should go to Hulu and watch the new tv series Go On.  Equal parts funny and sad.

4.  In today’s quick takes Jen asked if we were just one pinterest pin, which would best describe us?… So dutifully I took my scroll through pinterest.com and this is what I came up with.


first and foremost


no workee as in no functioning…


and last but not least

So…she said choose 1 but I chose the top 3!  Have a great weekend! If I never post again it’s because I didn’t survive the 13.1.  Nbd.  Check out Jen for more quick takes!



8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes!

  1. LOVE the new Mumford! The Avett Brothers have an amazing new album out too, The Carpenter, so my ears have been super spoiled lately.

    I’m intrigued by finding a Pin to describe myself…I’ll have to get to browsing!

  2. Dang girl, 13.1 miles!!! You. go. lady. way to make me look like a fat little pig =) ha, ha!

    Can’t wait to check out the rest of Mumford & Sons new album! I started listening to it the other day.

    I love your pinterest picks. I didn’t know you had pinterest, I”m going to go follow you right now!!!!
    Have an amazing weekend! Think of all that chocolate you will be able to consume after that big run. Hee, hee!

    • I did survive!! Thank you! Did you watch the opening of Once Upon A Time?!…I didn’t watch it because I haven’t finished Season 1 yet!! I’m just over half way through…how was the premier?!

      • The premier was SO! GOOD! It’s going to be a great second season! What do you think of the first season so far?

        (Congrats on running the half!)

      • I am loving season 1!! it’s so brilliant!! I can’t wait to catch up and be watching season 2 as it comes out :) Have a great weekend!!

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