7 Twick Cakes

Happy Friday!,
which in one corner of the blogging world means,
Happy 7 Quick Takes!

Thanks, as always, Jen!

1. Quick Take Number One is that I only have ONE week left of work at St. Michael’s!!! [Note: multiple exclamation points are reserved for special occasions only. High Import.]

2. Best Dad in the World Award goes to…

For his story, and ours, please have a listen and change “southern” to “northern.”

Dad’s response after interviewing for a job I really want: Well, if you don’t get it, whatever.  You’ll find something better.  Even if you don’t find something right away…

Me: “And I think I have enough money saved to last a few months…”

Dad: “Oh yeah, I’m not worried about that.  You’ll find something.”

Thanks, Dad. #unendingsupport

3.  Best New Pandora Station: the Lumineers, discovery courtesy of Camp Patton’s 7 Twick Cakes.

4.  Against, stealing from Camp Patton as Sleep Deprivation sucks away my creativity at the end of this long week, check out this love story and indulge the hopeless romance of your heart, if you have any.

5.  You can also check out this music video,

6.   or brush up on your grammar.

7.  Weekend Agenda: packing, games, suing some folks (more to come on that later), Pride & Prejudice with a bottle of wine, chocolates and ADill.


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