7 Quick Takes!

Happy Friday!

1. Summer nails are finally here.  Introducing this year’s “Welcome Summer” nails:

2. This week was the  Confirmation rehearsal, which means that tomorrow is the Confirmation…which means those are the last ‘big’ things I have left while working here.  After that it’s calendar planning, cleaning/organizing the office, and training in the new DRE–Ashlie Dill.

3. Which means I have 2 paychecks left…and no job yet…

4. Which, I still, oddly, feel okay with right now.

5. We’ll see how that feels in 1 week next Friday.

6. This week’s Sunday Scoop will be about Social Media and Facebook.

7. But on the agenda tonight is Downton Abbey.  Boom.

Thanks, Jen!


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