Sneak Peak

A Spring Sneak Peak of What’s To Come…
In The Blogging World Of Becca B.

  • Reviews and Thoughts from Hallie Lord’s new book: Style, Sex, and Substance.  If you don’t have it yet, buy it.  If you do have it, read it, because there’s some pretty awesome stuff in there and I’ll be filling this web-space-I-call-my-own with thoughts on it.
  • The unveiling of my newest (and hopefully one day completed) project: think young adults, think Catholic, think a book.  All thoughts, anonymous or not will soon be welcomed.  The deadline for this book project: the end of my 24th year (February 3rd, 2013).
  • New crafts and projects, mostly encouraged by and in the company of the dillightful Ashlie Dill.  Roomies for life…er.. til Josh gets back.

[cue: everyone can get excited now.]


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