{100 Dreams}

“…that’s the nature of dreams, they’re contagious”

Many moons after hearing this I have finally decided on 100 dreams
This is my list.

1. Go to England                                                     51.  Learn how to sew and hem pants
2. Camp in North Carolina                          52. Remember birthdays & anniversaries
3. Learn another language                                      53. have a good game collection
4. Collect and study Fulton Sheen’s works            54. learn how to mix drinks properly
5. Be a wife and mother                                         55. get paid to write
6. Marry my best friend                                           56. travel in between jobs
7. Make my own bookshelf                                     57. become a wine connoisseur
8. Graduate from AMU                                            58. open a coffeeshop 
9.  Fill my wine journal                                             59. spend more time in Chicago
10. Write about the Gianna Home                          60. visit Boston in the Fall 
11.  Cross stitch stockings                 61. Go to NY between Thanksgiving  & Christmas
12. Read new testament in Greek                        62.  Homeschool my kids
13. Learn how to cook well                                   63.  try teaching once
14. Open a bookstore                                           64. memorize 10 poems
15.  Split a bottle of Stag’s Leap Cabernet           65. reread my favorite books
Sauvignon with someone                                      66. live in a big country home
16.  Travel to Seattle by Train                               67. can every year
17.  Apply to SPU Master’s program                    68. make mom’s doughnuts
18.  Make heritage journals                                  69. make grandmas’ buns and lefse
19.  Spend 1 week at cabin and go to Kenora    70. read all Undset’s works
20.  Own a type writer                                         71. live near a lake for awhile
21.  Have a stamp collection                               72.  learn how to make good wings
22. Get my master’s degree                                73. do a 30 day retreat
23.  Play around with photography                     74. volunteer on my own
24.  Karaoke                                                       75. Plan a sisters trip
25.  Make my own stationary                              76. learn to ride horseback
26.  Put my kids through college                         77. give up coffee for one whole lent
27.  Visit the bffls at their homes                         78. study US history
28.  Become a comfortable public speaker       79. study British history
29.  visit Oxford                                                   80. study Norwegian history
30.  Go skydiving                                                81. keep change for 1 year
31.  Hot air balloon ride                                      82. go to a vikings game & twins game
32.  Make homemade wine                                83. own an old subaru outback
33.  Become a master at meringue      84. plan a random trip to where I haven’t been
34.  Have a good movie collection             85. use 1 afternoon a month to write letters
35.  Do a 40 mile bike ride                               86. Mission trip in foreign country
36.  Do a half marathon                                     87. Collect old maps
37.  Do a full marathon possibly (haha)             88. Go to Alaska
38.  Play piano again                                         89. Climb a mountain
39.  write 3 books                                              90. try surfing
40.  Read Dickens’ major works                       91. shotgun drink a beer
41.  Read the Russian greats                             92. go sailing
42.  6 months at trying to blog well                    93. walk part of the Camino
43.  write and submit articles                            94. learn how to drive stick shift
44. teach NFP to help women                        95. memorize alphabet short the AF uses
45.  master the croissant                                    96. go ice fishing
46. write to my family                                          97. Go to PA to visit Great Aunt Barb
47.  give good gifts to people                             98.  memorize book of Wisdom
48.  teach RE for at least one year        99. Use last Sunday of month to re-prioritize
49. Make a bucket list every year                   100.                                          
on my birthday (12 things only)
50. Play around with drawing

Follow me follow my dreams and feel free to link up yours below!
“Dream no small dream”
-Victor Hugo


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