following the suit of her and her… lately life has been
snuggles with this guy ^
family get togethers with gambling
smart wool socks on cold winter days
chocolate at work and chocolate at home
salt & pepper shakers
late night phone calls with long distance besties
and turning 26.

life is good.


{hi grandma}

grama laughing, puzzle


Dear Grandma,  I think of you every time I a) look at my Taste of Home magazines; b) try a new recipe; and c) think about putting up a blog post.  Thanks for being my number one blog fan and always asking me to keep blogging.  
This is still my favorite picture of you!  

{dear marie} an open letter

IMG_3347Dear Marie, remember this?  Gosh, it was over 3 years ago and in lands far, far away from where we are right now.  Thank you for a) calling even when I don’t answer or call back; b)  being part of the reason I wanted to start blogging again; c) being such an encouragement to “get it girl” and run; or d) all of the above.

Want to meet back in Seattle and hang out?
xo, bec